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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.23 - 2010
ARTICLE – abstract

Efficacy of Sudarshan Kriya and deep breathing in reducing of the precompetitive anxiety among young athletes

Maman Paul, Neeraj Kumar, Gopal K. Saini , Jaspal S. Sandhu
Faculty of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India


Background and objectives. Deep breathing and sudarshan kriya help to decrease anxiety by improving autonomic function by changing sympathetic or parasympathetic activity. Therefore the present study design is to study and compare the effect of Deep Breathing and Sudarshan Kriya in reducing precompetitive anxiety among young volunteer’s male volleyball players in the age group of 19 – 23 yr.
Methods. 45 university level male Volleyball players were randomly assigned into three groups: Group - I: Control group in which no intervention was given; Group - II:  Deep Breathing group and Group - III: Sudarshan Kriya group. Deep breathing and sudarshan kriya group were practiced for one month. CAT questionnaire score filed, alpha-EEG and heart rate were measured before one month and before competition.
Results. Both deep breathing and sudarshan kriya resulted in consistent pattern of precompetitive relaxation changes reflected in scores of Comprehensive Anxiety Test (CAT) Questionnaire, alpha-EEG activity and heart rate as compared to control group. Significant changes were not observed on comparing in Deep Breathing and Sudarshan Kriya groups but mean score shows that Sudarshan Kriya is more effective then deep breathing group in reducing pre competitive anxiety. 
Interpretation and conclusions. It can be concluded that both sudarshan kriya and deep breathing help in reduction in precompetitive anxiety levels whereas control group showed increase in the level of precompetitive anxiety. Mean score shows that Sudarshan Kriya is more effective in reducing precompetitive anxiety than deep breathing
Key words:

Comprehensive anxiety test, electroencephalography, athletes

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