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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.23 - 2010
ARTICLE – abstract

Strenght training benefit on weak muscle groups in young handbal players

Eugen Bota¹, Claudiu Avram¹, Adrian Nagel¹, Sorinel Voicu¹, Gheorghe Simion²
¹Physical Education and Sport Faculty, West University Timisoara, Romania
² Physical Education and Sport Faculty, Pitesti University, Romania


The purpose of the present study is to identify muscle imbalance regarding force, supplemented by an imbalance of segmental muscle mass (determined from the analysis of body composition), to create a training program and apply it over five weeks, in order to obtain an improvement of the maximum force in the weak muscles.
Material and Method: The study was conducted over a period of five weeks, involving 20 junior handball players, between 17 and 19 years. The evaluation of physical capacity of the athletes was made by measuring isometric muscle strength for main muscle groups. The  determination of maximal force was made by using a manometric digital dynamometer (Chatillon K-FCE-200, USA). The method used for strength development was broad-based pyramid method. For the deficitary musculature the after-tiredness method has been used.
Results: Significant improvements of the force parameters  were noticed in: antagonistic muscle groups involved in the prosecution of  technical procedure (external rotation of the shoulder, arm, forearm flexion, arm adduction), the musculature of the butterfingered member (left elbow extension at the right handed and vice versa at the left handed); muscle groups that were bended to exercises involving  new moves or with a greater repeating sequence (exercises for the rotator muscles of the torso made in every workout). Conclusions: The identification of muscle strength imbalance completed by the imbalance of the segmental muscle mass (determined from the analysis of body composition), allows the elaboration of individual strength programs, in order to improve specifically the strength and muscle mass, which will have as a result  the  improvement of the players sport performance.
Key words:

dynamometry, strength indices, maximum strength, physical training, muscle imbalance

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