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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.22 - 2010

Comparative study of the clinical outcome of maitland and conservative treatment in idiopathic adhesive capsulitis

Poonam Rani1, Neeti Mishra2
1 Institute of Applied Medicines and Research, Duhai Ghaziabad, Merrut University UP
2 Integral University, Kursi Road, Luckno, India


Aims: The purpose of this study was that maitland can be used to produce an immediate beneficial effect i.e. pain free increase in range of motion. Maitland can be used in isolation or with other approaches to improve the quality of joint intra articular gliding, corrective positional fault, and thus helping in improving painful joint range of motion in idiopathic adhesive capsulities.
Material and methods: 50 patients with diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis were invited for randomization. The patients were allocated to two groups. Each met the inclusion criteria. After having taken a written consent form from all the included subjects, the patients were questioned about their age, sex, history of any systemic and metabolic diseases, previous treatments and duration of pain. The measurement of range of motion by goniometric assessment and pain assessment by VAS was performed, the study was planned to compare the efficacy of the two methods over a short period of time. All the patient of Avantika Neuro & Orthopedics Rehabilitation Centre & Institute of Applied Medicines and Research were taken.
Results: There was significant improvement in ROM and decrease in VAS score in group A (Maitland glide and hot pack) than in group B (Active Exercise and hot pack) (p<0.005).
Conclusion: The statistical difference in results confirms that Maitland approach with hot packs is more effective in improving the range of motion and decreasing pain as compared to conservative physical therapy treatment (hot packs and active exercises). The Maitland method is non invasive, effective and requires fewer hospital visits for a sufficient early response.
Key words:

maitland, idiopathic adhesive capsulitis.

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