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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.22 - 2010

A study of finding relationship between anaerobic fitness and physical performance variables among athletes

Archna Sharma, Jitendra Kumar, J.S Sandhu
Department of Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Punjab, India


Aim: The study was conducted to investigate the relationship between physical performance and anaerobic fitness in athletic population. Material and  method: 75 healthy male athletes mean age; height and weight (21.3±2.4 years, 172.6±5.8 cm and 65.9±8.1 kg respectively) participated in the study. Physical performance variables (vertical jump height; VJH and 15-m sprint time; ST) and anaerobic power (absolute average anaerobic power; AAAP, absolute peak anaerobic power; APAP, relative average anaerobic power; RAAP, relative peak anaerobic power; RPAP) were measured.
Results: Both for the overall athletic group (N-75) & with badminton and cricket players there was highly positive correlation between VJH and anaerobic power (AAAP, APAP, RAAP, RPAP). In basketball, the VJH showed a positive correlation with AAAP, APAP and RPAP. Significant negative correlation was found between the sprint time test and all the four parameters of anaerobic fitness amongst badminton, cricket and overall athletic group (N=75). 15-m sprint time showed negative correlation with only peak anaerobic power among basketball & hockey players.
Conclusion: In conclusion, the VJH and 15-m ST were significantly correlated with the anaerobic power in the overall athletic group and depends upon the type of the energy system involved and the sporting activity in those sports where it is used frequently during the game.
Key words:

athletes, physical performance, anaerobic power, vertical jump.

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