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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.22 - 2010

Comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation programs improve weight management in overweight and obese coronary patients following revascularisation

Adina Avram¹, Stela Iurciuc¹, Laura Craciun¹, Claudiu Avram², Lucian Hoble²,
Mihaela Oravitan², Mircea Iurciuc¹, Dan Gaita¹, Silvia Mancas¹
1Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania
2Physical Education and Sport Faculty, West University Timisoara, Romania


Aim: To asses the benefit of cardiovascular rehabilitation programs in reducing excessive body weight in obese and overweight coronary patients who underwent revascularisation procedures.
Material and methods: We performed an analytic retrospective study which included 227 revascularised coronary patients. Based on their participation in cardiac rehabilitation programs (CR) following revascularisation procedures, we split them into 3 groups: Group A (ambulatory-based CR), Group S (hospital-based CR) and Group C (usual care). We evaluated life style trends and overweight & obesity management using questionnaire method, measuring anthropometric and hemodynamic parameters and performing blood tests at baseline, after revascularisation (T0) and after a mean period of 16 months (T1). Results: We found a high prevalence of overweight and obesity at baseline among study participants in all 3 groups. At the end of the study the number of obese patients decreased in Group A (p=0.001) and Group S (p=0.04). The number of patients who declared that they tried to lose weight was higher in Group A and Group S comparing with Group C. The majority of patients who tried to lose weight declared that they followed a hipocaloric diet. Exercise training was performed mainly by patients in Group A and Group S. We noticed a significant reduction of body mass index in patients from Group A (p=0.04) and Group S (p=0.02).
Conclusions: Cardiac rehabilitation programmes improve body weight management comparing with usual care, through increased awareness regarding overweight and obesity, better adherence to lifestyle changes, both diet and exercise training.
Key words:

obesity, myocardial  revascularisation, cardiac  rehabilitation.

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