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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.21 - 2010
ARTICLE – abstract

The effects of continuous versus intermittent aerobic exercises on lipid profile and anthropometrical parameters at young with Metabolic Syndrome

Vasilescu Mirela1, Balşeanu Tudor Adrian2, Balaşoiu Mariana3, Rusu Ligia1, Cosma Germina1, Nanu Costin1
1University of Craiova, Faculty of Physical Education, Craiova, Romania
2University of Medicine and Pharmacology, Physiology Department, Craiova, Romania


The purpose of our study is to compare the effects of continuous aerobic exercise to those of intermittent aerobic program on serum lipid and anthropometrical characteristics at young subjects diagnosed with Metabolic Syndrome (MS).
Material and Methods.  The subjects of the research (n=40, 24.2±2.6 years, 24 female and 16 male subjects) have been split into two groups.  Group I (n=20), has performed 45 minutes of continuous exercise/sessions, 3 sessions/week, at moderate intensity (70-75% MHR).  Group II (n=20), has undertaken 45 minutes of intermittent exercise/sessions, 3 sessions/week. The intermittent exercise session consisted in 10 minutes of warm up at 70% MRH, followed by intervals of submaximal effort, 7 minutes at 80-85%MHR intensity, separated by 3 minutes of recovery periods at 70% MHR intensity.
Results and conclusions. After 24 months of performing physical activity we observed an improvement of anthropometric characteristics and serum lipid parameters of both groups of subjects included in our study, relative to the parameters recorded before starting the physical activity. The differences between the initial and final recorded parameters at group I versus group II were:  weight (-6.2 vs -5.8kg), BMI (-2.9 vs –4.4kg/m2), body fat percentage (-2.5 vs -4.9%), abdominal circumference (-5 vs -10.3cm), total serum cholesterol (-24.02 vs -33.44 mg/dl), HDL cholesterol (-39.15 vs -38.39 mg/dl), LDL cholesterol (+8.55 vs +10.57 mg/dl), triglycerides (-7.56 vs -20.63 mg/dl). These findings have confirmed previous research and may have important implications for the using of submaximal exercise in the treatment and prevention of MS.
Key words:

physical exercise, abdominal obesity, dyslipidemia

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