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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.20 - 2009
ARTICLE – abstract

Lifestyle intervention improve clinical features and metabolic profiles in patients with metabolic syndrome

Suzana Dănoiu1, Anca Rizea1, Mircea Danoiu2, Rucsandra Dănciulescu Miulescu3, Cătălina Poiană3, Denisa Margină3
1UMF Craiova,Romania
2University of Craiova, Romania
3UMF Carol Davila Bucharest, Romania


Background and Aims. The term “Metabolic Syndrome” is a clinical entity of substantial heterogeneity, represented by the co-occurrence of multiple metabolic and vascular disorders than are risk factors for type 2 diabetes mellitus and atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases Exercise has long been recognized as an important factor in the treatment of metabolic syndrome. We investigated the effects of exercise and calorie restriction in patients with metabolic syndrome who participated in a observational, 24-week study.
Materials and Methods: 36 patients with metabolic syndrome (female 22 and male 14) were recruited for this study. The subjects were between 42 and 64 years. Anthropometric and biochemical parameters  were assessed. Blood pressure was recorded. The metabolic syndrome was defined according the International Diabetes Federation. The recommendations to all patients were to improve lifestyle by reducing caloric intake and increase of exercise. As a general direction a diet with 500 kcal/day less than the previous one was recommended. Patients heave exercised regularly: walking or running for 30 min 2-4 times a week.
Results. This study showed that exercise and diet was efficacious in improving waist circumference (96.25 ± 7.34 cm vs. 96.25 ± 7.34 cm, p < 0.05) systolic blood pressure (142.26 ± 10.12 mmHg vs. 134.44 ± 9.72 mmHg, p < 0.05), serum trigycerides (188.55 ± 33.12 mg/dl vs. 142.16 ± 24.32 mg/dl, p < 0.05), fasting glucose (102.40 ± 12.02 mg/dl vs. 89.20 ± 11.10 mg/dl, p < 0.05). There was essentially no change in the mean diastolic blood pressure and serum HDL cholesterol of the patients throughout the study.  Conclusion. This study showed that exercise and diet was efficacious in improving waist circumference, systolic blood pressure, serum trigycerides, fasting glucose.

Key words:

metabolic syndrome, exercise, diet.

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