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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.2 - 2005

Mechanisms of localizated muscle fatigue during maximal isometric contraction

Vasilescu Maria Mirela, Rusu Ligia, Rinderu Taina
University of Craiova, Kinetotherapy


In contrast to fatigue involving the whole body, the phenomenon of localized muscle fatigue is most commonly described as occurring when the muscle can no longer maintain the required force level due to exercise. The physiological causes of fatigue have been classified as either ,,peripheral” or ,,central”. The peripheral skeletal muscle fatigue is defined as a decrease in the capacity of the skeletal muscle to generate force because of action potential failure, excitation - contraction coupling failure, or impairment of cross bridge cycling, in the presence of unchanged or increasing neural drive. In contrast, central fatigue has been defined as a reduction in neural drive to the muscle resulting in a decline in force production or tension development that is independent of changes in skeletal muscle contractility. This article briefly explains the mechanism of peripheral skeletal muscle fatigue based on scientific literature dates.

Key words:

muscle fatigue, ATP, Ca2+, pH, inorganic phosphate, lactic acid.

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