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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.2 - 2005

Exploration of electrolytical and energy factors among weightlifters

Duma Eugen
University ,,Bogdan Voda” Cluj Napoca


Have been investigated some features of the hydromineral (plasma levels of Na+, K+, Ca++) and energy (lactacidemia) metabolism on 11 weight lifters – 6 adults (A) and 5 juniors (J) – during a training exercise of moderate volume and intensity.The rest values were normal. After the exercise in group A all parameters increased significantly for Na+ and K+ and insignificantly for Ca++ and lactacidemia. In group J the level of electrolytes decreased and lactacidemia rise – both insignificantly.

The relative shifts in adults are probably linked to a strong loss of water, to the effects of aldosterone and corticosteroids or to a good adaptation exercise. The only insignificant rise of lactacidemia in all subjects can be explained by the training programs with longer pauses between the exertion phases; therefore aerobic processes decrease acidosis. In juniors the decrement of electrolytes is an outcome of their loss together with water. Practical conclusion: a supply of mineral salts is advisable to prevent the depletion of electrolytes.

Key words:

electrolites, lactic acid, anaerobic and aerobic energetics

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