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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.18 - 2009
ARTICLE – abstract

Supervised lifestyle changing intervention benefit on young metabolic syndrome patients

Claudiu Avram1, Mihaela Oravitan1, Sorinel Voicu1, Gelu Bota1, Adrian Nagel1, Corina Pantea1, Lucian Hoble1, Ioan Dorel Branea2
1 Physical Education and Sport Faculty, West University Timisoara, Romania;
2 Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania


Metabolic syndrome (MS) consists of multiple, interrelated risk factors of metabolic origin that appear to directly promote the development of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or diabetes mellitus. An important role in MS treatment is played by the life style changes including increase in physical activity level.
Aim of the current prospective study is to evaluate the lifestyle intervention benefit in a special group (overweight young students) with metabolic syndrome.
Material and Methods: We conduct a randomized prospective study of 6 months on 94 voluntary students. The inclusion criteria were young students with MS, divided in two groups: Group S (43 patients) – benefit from a comprehensive evaluation and an intensive lifestyle changing programme supervised and guided by a personal trainer; Group C: 51 patients, with the same evaluation and recommendations but unsupervised. Despite close supervision the drop out rate were quite high (37%) in the Group S and even higher in Group C (47%).
Results: Using the unpaired t test to compare the data at baseline, we noticed no significant differences between groups. The 6 months follow-up of the Group S showed a significant improvement in MS risk factors. The comparison between groups at the and of the study showed the additional benefit of the Group S patients, who benefit from intensive and supervised lifestyle changing programme.
Conclusions:  Six months supervised lifestyle intervention programme improves cardiometabolic risk factors in young patients. The study is a clear demonstration that using sports technology and close supervision of the exercise programme, we can improve the risk factors profile in MS patients.
Key words:

metabolic syndrome, lifestyle, physical execise

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