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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.15 - 2008

Comparing the reaction time and agility in alcohol and non alcohol consuming volleyball players

Shikha Lamba, Jaspal S. Sandhu, Maman Paul
Department of Sports  Medicine  and  Physiotherapy, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, India


Alcohol intake affects different stages of information processing such as reaction time, vigilance, cognition, motor co-ordination and agility. Sportsmen consume alcohol to improve psychological function, but it is psychomotor performance that deteriorates most. In sports involving rapid reactions to changing stimuli performance will be affected most adversely. There is little evidence on the effect of training with reaction ball on reaction time and plyometric training on agility. The present study assessed auditory -visual reaction time and agility in 20 volleyball players which were divided into 2 groups: the experimental and the control group. The experimental group (n=10) were alcohol consuming sportsmen and were given reaction time training and  plyometric training for 4 weeks, 2 days/week for 30 minutes in each session. Whereas the control group (n=10) consisted of non alcoholic sportsmen and were not given any training. The results indicate that the  non alcoholic group performed better in visual reaction time for red light (t=5.50, p0.001), green light (t=1.97, p=0.001), yellow light (t=19.63, p0.001) and  auditory reaction time for high frequency(t=6.81, p0.001), low frequency (t=4.68, p0.001)  as compared to the  alcoholic experimental group post training. The  non alcoholic  group performed better in agility task (t=3.02, p0.001) post training as  compared to the alcoholic experimental group.

Key words:

volleyball players, alcohol, reaction time, agility

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