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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Sead Malicevic, Nenad Dikic
Partizan Belgrade Football Club, Humska 1, Belgrade, Serbia

INTODUCTION. Responsibility of every football club in Serbia is to organize and perform regular medical exams of the players at least twice a year, in accord to regulations given by UEFA and Football Association of Serbia. These exams comprise, but are not limited to complete internal medicine exam, tests of biochemical and hematologic parameters and urine check, anthropometry, ergo-test, ophthalmologic, ORL and dental exam.
MATERIAL/METHODS. Partizan Belgrade Football Club performs medical exams four times a year. Two of these are regular checks, as described. Two other, control exams are limited to biochemical and hematologic tests. During last five years period, a total of 309 regular medical checks and 286 control tests were made. Tests were always carried out in medical institutions which have the best organization, capacity and equipment for such demand.
RESULTS. During five years period, we have found a total of 154 situations that required additional tests and further medical investigation. These situations include echocardiograph signs of myocardium hypertrophy (96), exercise induced asthma (2), paroxysmal supra-ventricular tachycardia (1), SVES and VES (21), various forms of conduction problems (19), hypertensive response to exercise (12), ventricular septum defect (1), and also ophthalmologic (1) and neurologic problem (1). Also, in control biochemical and hematologic tests, we have found a total of 70 situations that required additional examination and amendment in training program as well as nutrition and supplementation plans, 12 of which were defined as onset of overtraining syndrome. Other problems found during control tests include early signs of sports anaemia (36 cases), iron depletion/deficit (21 cases) and positive HBsAg finding (1). During 5 years there were only three cases of time-limited license for participation in competition, which have been studied properly and followed closely.
CONCLUSIONS. Thanks to medical screening we are in position to early discover and react in all the situations of health hazard, and prevent development of a serious problem which can result in long absence from competition or even end of sport carrier.
KEY WORDS: pre-competition, medical screening, football.

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