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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Calina Mirela Lucia, Avramescu Elena Taina , Enescu Bieru Denisa
Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, University of Craiova, Romania

Introduction. The tendons injuries are common in sportive medicine and the patella ones are the most frequent in sports that imply jumping (athletics, volleyball, handball, basketball, football) due to the excessive solicitation of the tendon in the landing moment.
Objective. The purpose of our work is to emphasize the efficiency of the Cyriax profound transversal massage (CPTM) for the recovery treatment of the sportsmen with patella tendonitis.
Material and method. The study was made during 4 months, on 27 sportsmen (18M, 9F), ages 15-35 years, diagnosed with patella tendonitis. The patients had been evaluated etiopathogenetical clinical, functional and paraclinical using screening laboratory tests, radiological exam, echography, before and after the recovery treatment. To evaluate and quantify the results, we used the analog visual scale for pain.  The functional response was appreciated according to the Blazina classification, modified by Roels and Martens.  The results appreciation was made in accordance to the following criteria: - very good results: the sportsmen took again the sportive activity at the same level, without pain or other; negative effects; - good results: the sportsmen took again the sportive activity at the same level, with a slight warming up discomfort; - medium results: the sportsmen took again the sportive activity at an inferior level, with major negative effects; - unsatisfied results: the sportsmen can not take the sportive activity ever. After the first evaluation and the
establishing of the diagnosis, the sportsmen were divided in 2 groups: - group A (15 subjects) which benefit of the following therapeutic protocol: sportive repose, cryotherapy (3x20min/day), local and general non inflammation medication, ultrasound, non pain and relaxing electrotherapy, CPTM (6 cures x5 min), quadriceps passive and auto passive stretching (30s, 10x3 series/day),  quadriceps tone up kinetotherapy; - group B (12 subjects) which benefit of the same therapeutic protocol except CPTM.
Results. The patients had been evaluated before and after 6 weeks from the beginning of treatment. The patients´ distribution according to the functional response after the first evaluation was:

  Group A Group B
Stage I 3 2
Stage II 2 4
StageIII bis 10 6

On the second evaluation (after the treatment), the results were:

  Group A Group B
Very good results 8 cases (53,3 %) 1 case (8,3 %)
Good results5 cases (33,3 %) 2 cases (16,6 %)
Medium results 2 cases (13,4 %) 6 cases (50 %)
Unsatisfied results -3 cases (25 %)

The results showed that all patients treated with CPTM presented an important decrease of the VAS, its score decreased from 4,43 to 1,17 after 7 days of treatment.
Conclusions. Associated with medicinal and physical therapy, CPTM proved to be an efficient recovery treatment, due to its non pain and relaxing effects that support the rehabilitation and sportive activity´ recommencing for the sportsmen with patella tendonitis.
Key words : Cyriax profound transversal massage, rotulian tendonitis.

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