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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Tsompanis  Kostas, Stratoglou Stelios, Chalkia Anna, Georgiadou Evdokia
Alexander Technological Education Institute Thessaloniki, Greece
The balanced diet and the consumption of variety of foods from the athlete, allow high records putting the bases for championship.
The food substitutes the energy reserves that have been consumed. Initially the bodily charge gives rise to the need, which is satisfied as much as possible more rightly via the diet. As long as more intense is the tax, so much bigger importance acquires the dynamic and economy of nutritious substances. For this reason in the athletic diet anyone has to examine the nutritious substances from other prospect. The carbohydrates and the greases are useful in the production of energy and they can depending on  the quantity of oxygen that is available to deputize each other. Proteins are used mainly for the replacement and recombining of substances that contain proteins, as the muscular fibres, ferments and hormones. In exceptional cases can be also used for production of energy. Apart from the above-mentioned nutritious substances in the food exist also other that do not supply the same with energy, but are essential for its release that situated in rich of energy nutritious substances. These auxiliary substances are the vitamins, the mineral elements, the trace elements and the water.
The championship cannot be exist without a particular dietary care, different for each athlete and for each sport. An athlete of marathon is nourished differently by that of weight-lifting. The thin marathon
runner eats less from the athlete of weight-lifting, at least the one that is in the bigger categories of kilos. Moreover the composition of food is completely different: the marathon runner is raised with a lot of carbohydrates, vegetables, fruits and little meat, while the athlete of lifting of weights with many proteins. If someone reverses this way of diet of two athletes, it will realize that the special fighting faculty of output of both is clearly decreased. Therefore, the type of charge determines the composition of diet, mainly the relation between main food stuff .So, the ideal and favourable diet for the bodily faculty should be qualitatively and quantitatively adapted in the essential needs, remaining simultaneously complete, so as to is achieved the bigger possible increase of output.

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