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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Ahanjan S, Behpour N, Keyvanlou F
Kermanshah Razi University of Iran

Since the neck supports head weight, it's abnormal positioning not only results in spoiled posture but also may be responsible for physical disabilities, abnormalities, and injuries. For the study of cervical curvature in forward head posture, some of Razi university's students selected randomly and screening with the use of PPV software, 14 students with forward head posture (with mean of 22 years old and 60 kg weight) and 14 healthy students (with mean of 22.8 years old and 62 kg weight) selected as subjects and with informed consent participated in following phase of research. In this descriptive study of cervical curvature, cervical spines radio graphed from lateral view and then evaluated for anterior head translation (AHT), cervical lordosis (C2-C7), and superior cervical curvature (C1-C2).
Mean differences of healthy and FHP subject's variables analyzed with independent t-test. For the analyzing of variables relationships, Pearson's coefficient of correlation used at p<0.05.
Results showed that:
1.There were significant differences between cervical lordosis, anterior head translation, and amounts of overload on cervical spines among two groups. Differences of superior cervical curvature's amount were not significant.
2. FHP had significant relationships with AHT and cervical lordosis. A significant relationship also existed between AHT and amounts of overload on cervical spines. FHP and cervical curvatures were not significantly related. The weak relationship of cervical curvature and lordosis were not significant. The results revealed that extreme forward head position may cause a S-form curvature which is due to decreased inferior and increased superior cervical spine curvature. In this situation, in fact, inferior muscles of neck's anterior are shortened and superior portion of muscles is stretched. At the other hand, posterior inferior muscles of neck are stretched and in the extreme cases, superior muscles of neck are shortened. With these results it can be postulated that the forward head posture can cause a decrease in normal lordosis and occurrence of cervical kyphosis.
Key words: anterior head translation, cervical curvature, deformity, cervical spine.

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