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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Elena-Taina Avramescu1,  Nicolae Sebastian Ionescu2, Mirela Vasilescu1 Ciobanu Constantin3
1University of Craiova, Faculty of  Physical Education and Sports, Craiova,
2University of Medicine and Pharmacy  Carol Davila, Bucharest,
3Emergency Clinical Hospital  for Children Marie Curie,  Bucharest , Romania

INTRODUCTION. Many scientific organization from different area pointed that in the following 10 years the scientific research will be focalized on osteoarticular pathology ‘’ The bone and Joint Decade 2000-2010’’. In fact problems related to growth and aging process, osteoarticular and neurological pathology are of most interest on the health care impact in an economical and social point of view. Therefore one should note that the initial clinical problems are the same but different approaches are investigated due to the different disciplines to which researchers are belonging to.  This approaching and evaluation modalities had been choose individualized without existing a commune tendency based on indisciplinary research which would lead to the obtaining of more rapidly consolidated results. That is why the proposed  research associates clinical functional data of the patient with neuromuscular  pathology with computational analyzing movement programs for walking.
MATERIALS AND METHOD The present research is based on utilization of the newest computerized technologies, more  accurate and efficient  for  data  collection,  that included dynamic measurements of specific cinematic parameters in walking by using  image  aquisition and movement analysis system 3D “Simi Motion”; dynamic measurements of specific cinematic parameters in walking by using  the scanning and  equilibrium system  “RSSCAN and force platform  Kistler “AMTI”; computerized modelling of the walking  by using the “AnyBody” system. Measurements were performed on a study group formed by 20 patients aged 5-10 years with different neurological pathologies that were spitalised in Emergency Clinical Hospital M.S. Curie and on a control group formed by 10 healthy subjects of the same age.  The research was carried out within the project CEEX  -M-C2-2358/2006- “ Individualized management of mobility recovery of patients with  neurological and orthopedic pathology with the help of some methodology for interdisciplinary research – MANMOBREC”.
RESULTS. The date initially obtained by  SIMI, RSSCAN and AMTI were used as  in-put data for the Anybody system. Due to this software we calculated the muscular forces, reactional and joint moments, reconstructing the movement for the implemented models by using the markers coordinates and the values of the contact presure and forces for the weight center. Based on recorded data  biomechanical models of walking, individualised for each patient, were elaborated.
CONCLUSION. The present study offers a dynamic approach of the biosystems involved in human movement, arguing the importance of the accuracy  in using  computerized non-invasive techniques  for analyzing the walking  mechanism and elaboration of  individualised biomechanical models. The creation of this models based on the objective results from the  computational  analysis of movement will  help in choosing the most appropriate  therapeutically intervention. Elaboration of  methods of optimisation in neurological rehabilitation and /or treatment  by image acquisition and analysis before and after treatment and  of individualized rehabilitation programs  in  order  to regain mobility with  pursuit and computational correction will lead to better management of the disease. Extension of  the research results can be made by elaboration a data base available for all potential users.
Key words:  walking rehabilitation, neurological disorders, RSscan  footscan systems, force plate AMTI, ANYBODY software.

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