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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Kokkinou Sotiria, Stratoglou Panagiotis, Georgiadou Evdokia
T.E.I. Thessaloniki, Department of Physiotherapy, Greece

Dissemination is one of the most common neurological disorders.  Is a disease that affects the Brain and the Spinal Marrow.  In particular, the case that covers the nerves, called myelin, it is destroyed and the nerve is damaged.  Myelin plays an important role on the nerve proper function and protection.  Myelin delivers the nerve messages from the brain to the body.  If the myelin and the nerve tissues are injured a body part will not be able to move.  The same happens for senses moving from the body to the brain. As a result, movements will be slow or even unsynchronized.  In addition we have loss of messages going to the brain.  Some of the therapeutic advantages are the following: muscle relaxation; pain reduction; reduction of the muscle contractions and the convulsive movements; increase and ease of the motion range; reduction of the gravity forces; improvement of the lymph and round function; recovery festination and complication prevention; improvement of the neuromuscular commissural, patient independence and functional recovery.    
Apart from the over mentioned advantages,  the water plays an important role on the psychological side of the patient.  The treatment in the water makes the patient to feel more confident, move with more ease and is more enjoyable. In order to achieve the best desirable result, the establishment of great collaboration between the patient and the therapist is crucial.  Finally, the socialization level of the patient plays an important role in the overall treatment process.

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