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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


Skeyakis Stelios, Kokkinou Sotiria, Georgiadou Evdokia
Alexander Technological Education Institute Thessaloniki, Greece

With this term we mean the disease that it causes: pain in the region of nape or pain that radiates in the back between the scapulas, in the shoulders, the hands still up to the fingers of hands.
The pain can be acute or chronic. Statistically the ¾ of adults at some time will present some form problem in the region of nape, while in the 1/6 of cases the problem will be the chronic pain.
The symptoms are pain and restriction of movement. Usually the pain subsides with the rest. Means of this mechanism are created also the Muscular Points Burn of Pain or Trigger Points. It’s about supersensitive points inside the muscles that appears pain in regions of body removed from them, following certain concrete patterns. This happens because this region of vertebrae has big rage of motion, this is the reason that is prone in direct wounds, as in the case abrupt or violent movement because road accident (whiplash syndrome), but also from extended bad attitude at the duration of work or entertainment, with result continuous tendency in the muscles and ligament of region. Then is caused muscular convulsion that in enough cases is accompanied by uncritical harm of muscles and ligaments of region with simultaneous change into the disposition of skeleton. We have in this case a musculoskeletal dysfunction. Re-establishment. The aims of this phase are to corroborate the Muscular System, to improved the functionalism of Vertebrae and complete the healing of wounded textus. The application of treatment continues. The frequency of treatment can become three times the week. It is completed with domestic exercises, directives of diet and effort of modification of daily occupations according to the needs of Vertebrae.

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