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"Medicina Sportiva" No.14 - 2008 The 15-th Sports Medicine Balkan Congress


S.Đorđević-Šaranović, N.Antić, J.Zlatković, M.Zlatković, J.Plavši
Republic Institute of Sport, Belgrade, Serbia

In this prospective study values of parameters of respiratory functions were observed – Lung ventilation, VE, with subjects training different sports: karate and orienteering.  VE – minute values of lung ventilation is the amount of gas expired per minute.  From a resting value of about 6.0 L/min, the ventilation increases to 100, 150 and in extreme cases, 200 L/min). 
The aim of the performed  analyses was to notice dynamics of changes in values of parameters VE of lungs during the observed measuring periods between the two observed groups of subjects training different sports, (bifactorial analyses variance was used at repeated measurement) as well as changes of (observed) parameters during the subject exposition to the effort, within each group. Period of measurement in this model was given as a factor within the group and factor of training of different sports was a factor of difference between observed groups of subjects.
Forty-eight athletes (juniors, mixed gender group) were observed, twenty-four from each group using spiroergometric test on treadmill, by direct method, as to Vita maxima protocol. Values of these parameters were observed in four different periods depending on subjects’ exposition to the effort: before, during, at the maximal and three minutes after the effort.  
Before testing no statistically significant difference in VE values, between karate and orienteering subjects (t-test; p=0.936) was noticed.  At the optimal effort they are a bit higher, but not statistically significant values within a group of karate athletes (t-test;p=0.610).
Analyzing the difference statistically significant increase of VE values during the subjects exposure to optimal effort was noticed, then statistically significant increase at exposure to maximal effort and statistically significant fall 3 minutes after the exposure to the effort. At the period of maximal exposure to the effort, values of VE measured within a group of orienteering were a bit higher (t-test;p=0.372).
Statistically significant difference in VE values was noticed three minutes after exposure to the effort. 
Analyzing the difference in volume between subjects training karate and orienteering significant difference in VE values during the observed measurement periods was noticed (bifactorial analyses variance at repeated measurements, measurement period factor* kind of sport; p=0.049).
Statistically significant difference was noticed in the VE values measured during different measurement periods within both group of subjects (Bifactorial analyses variance, measurement period factor; p=0.000). Analyzing the difference statistically significant higher values of these parameters were noticed within orienteering subjects.
Key words: respiratory function, VE, karate and orienteering.

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