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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.11 - 2007

Physical training – an essential component of the asthmatic patient rehabilitation

Rodica Traistaru1, Ligia Rusu2, Mara Popescu Hagen 3, Maria Mirela Vasilescu2
1UMF Craiova,
2University of Craiova, Romania,
3Marius Nasta Institute Bucharest, Romania


Bronchial asthma is a chronic respiratory disorder and represents one of the rehabilitation targets. A bronchial patient must be complete assess before a complex rehabilitation program. The benefits of the pulmonary rehabilitation performed in the patients with mild persistent BA were: the minimal increase of respiratory parameters; the enhancing standard therapy to alleviate symptoms and optimise function, independent of the disease stage; the improvement of exercise tolerance or physical performance (6MWD increased) and breathlessness assessed by Borg scale (the Borg dyspnea scale can used by the patient to maintain an exercise training prescription). The Six-Minute Walk Test is a popular field outcome for rehabilitation because of its simplicity but does require careful conduct and at least two practice tests to ensure reliability. The pulmonary rehabilitation in bronchial asthma are based on the aerobic training. Exercise training can lead to improved aerobic fitness, motivation and exercise technique, desensitization to dyspnoea, and an optimized breathing pattern. Respiratory rehabilitation should be offered to all patients who, despite the use of an optimal pharmacological treatment, remain physically limited by symptoms.

Key words:

bronchial asthma, pulmonary rehabilitation, physical training.


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