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MEDICINA SPORTIVA - Journal of Romanian Sports Medicine Society
Medicina Sportiva, Romanian Sports Medicine Journal, is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to publication of editorials, guides articles, originals papers, case report and news in sports medicine, exercise physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics, sport nutrition, rehabilitation and exercise sciences. The journal is a scientific publication, edited under the patronage of Romanian Sports Medicine Society and published four times per year in English  language. For other information about publishing, see Guide for authors.


"Sport Medicine Journal" - No.20 - 2009


Ion Bogdan Codorean, Ioan Codorean, Gabriela Simona Toma,  Dragos Cuzino

Taofeek O. Awotidebe, Ayodele T. Onigbinde,
 Chidozie E. Mbada, Olusoji O. Oje
Rucsandra Dănciulescu Miulescu, Suzana Dănoiu,
 Mircea Danoiu, Denisa Margină, Vasilica Cristescu,
Cătălina Poiană

Corina Pantea, A. Ivan, M. Faur

Cosma Germina Alina, Simion Gheorghe, Pascu Dănuţ,
Lică Marcelina Eliana

Suzana Dănoiu, Anca Rizea, Mircea Danoiu,
 Rucsandra Dănciulescu Miulescu, Cătălina Poiană,
Denisa Margină

Study concerning the importance of complex assessment in stroke rehabilitation
Păun Elvira, Rusu Ligia, Popescu Roxana,
Copiluşi Petre Cristian, Cernăianu Sorina,
Dragomir Mihai

The effects of ankle joint position and gastrocnemius muscle contraction and relaxation on anterior tibial translation
Jeff G. Konin, Barbara Melzer, Leah Nof,
Elizabeth Swann, William Athans

Effects of overstress in competitive athletes - aspects on the incidence of shoulder and ankle thrauma in volleyball and basketball
Elena Doina Mircioagă, Maria Mogoşanu,
Anca Tudor, Alexandra Mircioaga 
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  ISSN 1841-0162


Assoc.Prof.Mirela Vasilescu - Editor-in-Chief
Assoc.Prof.Anca Ionescu - Managing Editor

Sport Medicine Journal - the journal of Romanian Society for Sports Medicine
 webmaster Gabriel Panait M.D.
TEHNICAL EDITOR:  Ing. Aurora Beldiman (Universitatea din Craiova)
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MEDICINA SPORTIVA - Journal of Romanian Sports Medicine Society


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