Importance of the exercise testing in the socio-professional reintegration at patients with ischemic heart disease

Alexandru Faur 1
1 University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania
Medical Expertise and Work Capacity Recovery Department, National Pension Service, Cluj Napoca, Romania


Recovery and reintegration socio-professional is a program of education and exercises, specifically designed to enhance the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular pathology (myocardial infarction, post surgery for heart disease, arterial and venous peripheral pathology). Finally, recovery programs, is designed to increase the chance of patient survival, to help the patient to regain physical form previously had the disease, prevent exercise reconditioning and subsequent stroke. Recovery in cardiovascular disease begins in the period when the patient is still in hospital, ambulatory monitoring programs continue until the patient can safely performs their exercise program at home. The exercises involving various levels of monitoring, nutritional advice, emotional support and education of lifestyle changes in order to decrease the risk of cardiovascular mortality or relapse. We conducted a prospective study of 206 patients on the correlation of depression and stress testing in patients with ischemic heart disease. Socio-economic factors that determine the socio-professional reintegration failure are related to age, sex, education level, professional qualification, the ratio between necessity and financial resources, the possibility of disability retired persons, retraining schemes. Impairment of work capacity is an essential criterion for the definition and characterization of disease severity, accident and disability status, and is influenced by how the person fits into the work process. Work capacity assessment and recovery was made by specialist medical expertise of work capacity which activity was centered on disability prevention and recovery of working capacity, with finality in socio-professional reintegration of patients. Recovery of working capacity, with finality in socio-professional reintegration aggrieved by disease or accident.

Key words:

stress test, ischemic heart disease, professional reintegration, cardiac rehabilitation

Full article:

Importance of the exercise testing in the socio-professional reintegration at patients with ischemic heart disease


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