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"Sport Medicine Journal" No.15 - 2008

Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain by Two Combined Rehabilitation Programs: Comparison of Phonophoresis and Ultrasound

Ummuhan Bas Aslan1, Ayşe Nur Oymak2, Nesrin Yagci1,  Ugur Cavlak 1
1School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Pamukkale University, 2Physical Therapy Clinic, Private TEKDEN Hospital, Denizli, Turkey


Aim: The aim of this study is to compare the short time effectiveness of phonophoresis (PH) and therapeutic ultrasound (US) within combined rehabilitation program in terms of disability and pain scores in the patients with chronic low back pain (LBP). Methods:The study is a randomised controlled trial. Forty-four patients with chronic LBP enrolled in this study. Patients divided randomly into two groups:  US (n=22) and PH (n=22) groups. Patients in both groups treated by same combined rehabilitation program including thermotherapy, interferential current, therapeutic masssage and therapeutic exercise for 14 sessions. Addiotionaly, continuous therapeutic US was applied for the US group, whereas cream containing 5% lidocain was applied for the PH group. Treatment outcomes were determined from scores on the Roland and Morris disability questionnaire and pain intensity. Results: Mean total in Roland and Morris disability questionnaire and pain scores were significantly lower in both groups after the treatment program (p<0.05). However, the efficiacy of both treatment program was similar (p>0,05). 
Conclusion: The results of our study show that combined rehabilitation program including thermotherapy, interferential current, therapeutic masssage, therapeutic exercise and US (or PH) was effective in reducing LBP in terms of disability and pain intensity. However, lidocain PH was not more effective treatment modalite than convantional US in patients with chronic LBP.

Key words:

low back pain, ultrasound, phonophoresis

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