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Obtinerea cerificatului de “Fellow of the European Board of Sports Medicine”

In perioada  21-24 mai 2014
Societatea Romana de Medicina Sportiva si Institutul National de Cercetare pentru Sport
organizeaza la Bucuresti
Conferinta Internationala de Medicina Sportiva si Stiinta Sportului
“Sanatate si Performanta in societatea moderna”
Ultima actualizare: 18 aprilie 2014

Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 37 - 2014  (english only)
Cardiac specialized conduction system in competitive athletes
Analysis of pain threshold and tolerance of super league soccer players
Exhaled nitric oxide in athletes admitted to a Pediatric Department
The effect of 8 weeks of training endurance and curcumin supplementation on VEGF levels in the liver rats exposed to lead acetate
Effects of short rest periods on neuromuscular responses to resistance exercise in trained men
Development of a New Motor Development Evaluation Scale for Cerebral Palsy Diagnosed Children (SED-PCI): Phase II — Practical Application
Postural stability in children with Down syndrome
Immediate effects of kinesio tape on acute hamstring strain; case report

Fasceita plantara. Ruptura de aponevroza plantara

Ghid pentru evaluarea si tratamentul tendinopatiei calcaneene in practica sportiva

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MEDICINA SPORTIVA - Performanta si Sanatate
  Tratatul se adresează atât medicilor sportivi, cadrelor didactice de la disciplinele medicale ale Facultăţilor de Educaţie Fizică şi Sport, medicilor rezidenţi de Medicină sportivă şi tuturor celor care în nevoia de cunoaştere doresc să consulte o lucrare de referinţă.

Interesant!  FORUM 1829- 1 feb 2014- crioterapia si antiinflamatoarele (AINS) sunt bune?!

Revista Medicina Sportiva Nr. 36 - 2013  (english only)
Coronary flow and physical activity
Advantages and limitations of generic tools for evaluating the quality of life in patients with spastic hemiparesis
Resistance exercise loading pattern and antioxidant capacity of  saliva
A cross-sectional study for the relationship between body composition and body surface area with echocardiographic variables in endurance-trained athletes
Comparison of analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of the classical low laser therapy and multiwave locked system in inflammations of serous bursae
Prevalence of low back pain and fatigue levels in Indian athletes
Cognitive benefits of aerobic exercise in patients with Cushing’s syndrome
Comparison of the effects of retro walking and stretching on balance and flexibility
Stress fracture of the tip of the olecranon in a professional discus thrower

Interesant!  FORUM 1796- 18 sep 2013- viza medicala - analize - costuri

Dotarea cabinetelor de Medicina Sportiva

Performanta sistemului medical de Medicina Sportiva

Administrarea antiinflamatoarelor nesteroidiene (AINS) pe cala orala

Magnetoterapia la domiciliu

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Traumatologia in rugby - perspectiva medicala si psihologica

Sportul la scoala si recomandarile medicale

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Sindromul de instabilitate vertebrala primara (pseudo-spondilolistezis)

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